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ActiveMaps.Live helps people make great decisions

Talk to our team to find out how ActiveMaps.Live could transform your business

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A smarter way to work

Technology is supposed to make life easier.  As organisations add new systems and IoT devices to improve their business, life actually becomes more complicated. 

Business data locked in to operational systems.  IoT devices with proprietary software.  More passwords to remember.  Another system to learn.  More time required to bring all that data together in one place to help make a better decision. 

What if there was one single place for all your data?  One login. The ability to see everything in context, captured in real-time so you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.  The ability to make faster, better decisions.

Welcome to ActiveMaps.Live!

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Our Story

We use our background in business applications and interactive technology to transform the way that businesses use data to make better decisions

Our Vision

We make it easy for our users to turn business data into meaningful information, and present it in visually engaging ways that make the purpose clear 


Connect your business applications and IoT devices to our easy-to-use, cloud based mapping application using our comprehensive API library and integration tools

ActiveMaps.Live for Ports and Terminals

Find out how ActiveMaps.Live is helping our port and terminal clients bring data from multiple sources together into a single window.  With deeper insights into their operations our clients can identify emerging issues in real-time and make targeted interventions to minimise impact and keep the business running efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

ActiveMaps.Live for The Environment

Find out how ActiveMaps.Live is helping our customers make real time environmental decisions. Such as Air quality, water pollution, flooding, land contamination just to name some of the areas. We can provide change over time through combination of your current data sets and historical data sets.

How it works

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You can integrate your applications and IoT devices directly to the platform or connect your own data management infrastructure through our suite of API's


Build geographic representations of your business in ActiveMaps.Live.  Transform your data into meaningful visualisations that help your users to understand what they need to know - and use that information to make faster, better decisions.


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7 Donegall Square West

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