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We are 3DEO

We unlock the power of your data with rapid and customisable solutions, to inform and empower your strategic decisions.

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For Marine & Maritime

Sensor agnostic ingest of marine survey data, combined with terrestrial and/or user generated data. Enabling holistic earth surface visualisation and analysis that captures the complexity of the land and sea interface.

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For City Resilience

Modelling the complex and organic nature of our cities to create intelligent, dynamic and efficient solutions for emerging problems or facilitate smarter answers to well established ones.

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For Security & Homeland

With Up-To-Date mapping or Imagery, Real-time asset/target tracking and realistic visualisations ensure those who need them have the right tools at the right time to make a difference.

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What 3DEO can do for you

We are the experts in combining 3D visualisation, earth observation and big data analytics. At 3DEO, we know it is time-consuming and costly for your organisation to respond to critical situations with the right solution. Our cost-effective and customisable solutions provide you with easy-to-use tools, informing your decisions and turning problems into opportunities.

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Latest News

Secret Tunnel in Harbour Cliff Face Rediscovered

CARVED into the side of a mammoth cliff face beneath a lighthouse on Sydney’s Harbour is a site buried long ago in the pages of...

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3DEO is Expanding Its Team in Belfast

Belfast based 3DEO NI is creating 33 highly skilled technology jobs over the next four years as it prepares to commercialise unique space technology applications. 3DEO NI...

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