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We are 3DEO

We visualise your data in 3 dimensions, empowering you to make informed operational and strategic decisions.

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Ports & Harbours

Ports and harbours often have to wait days, or even weeks, to get access to their latest survey data. Whether above or below the water, at 3DEO we provide you with the tools to access and view your data in 3D – just how you see the real world. No more waiting for charts to be printed, or having to collate complex datasets from multiple sources. View it instantly, all in one easy to use solution. Read More

Defence & Security

With Up-To-Date mapping or Imagery, Real-time asset/target tracking and realistic visualisations ensure those who need them have the right tools at the right time to make a difference. Read More

Smart Cities

Many cities collect measurements from multiple sources, through IoT and other sensing devices placed strategically throughout the city. Visualising this data in 3D provides situational context and allows the user to meaningfully show the data being collected and to explore what this data may mean for them. Read More

What we can do for you

Data is everywhere – and “Big Data” is becoming a major challenge for businesses wishing to retain a competitive advantage.

As data grows increasingly cumbersome and complex, managing that data and extracting the highest value of intelligence is vital for any organisation that wants to innovate, drive competition and make truly educated decisions.

At 3DEO, we believe that 3D visualisation of complex datasets offers a new way to manage, analyse and interact with your data. It’s more intuitive – after all, it’s the way we view the world around us – and it provides situational context.


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