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We started 3DEO in 2016 as a Satellite Applications company combining our experience in Earth Observation for the Aerospace, Security and Defence industries with a long history in 3D interactive technologies (3DEO: 3D Earth Observation).


In 2018, we expanded the platform to capture data from the growing network of IoT devices, which created new use cases for the platform in exciting areas like Environmental Monitoring, Smart Ports and Smart Cities. 


Now, our platform captures data from the applications that businesses and organisations use on a daily basis, creating one single window that transforms business data into easily accessible, meaningful information that enables faster, better decisions.

Our Mission

"To help people make great decisions"

Our Vision

We make it easy for our users to capture, store and interact with data in a location-based context.


We turn data into meaningful information by making it easily accessible and presented in visually engaging ways that make the purpose clear.


With access to the right information in the right place at the right time, we empower users to make faster, better decisions.

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