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Senior Development Engineer

Senior Full Stack Development Engineer


Flexible (Scotland, North of England and Northern Ireland)


Subject to experience

Closing Date:


Job Description

The role is for a full stack development engineer at senior or comparative level to work in collaboration with the development team lead. While we will consider exceptional candidates from across the UK, and actively support remote and hybrid working, the core development effort is based in Northern Ireland and the North East of England, with some travel between our team offices in Belfast and Newcastle, and also to client and partner sites will be expected as and when required.

The core technical skills are listed below. At a personal and professional level, we are seeking a self-motivated, ambitious individual who enjoys multiple challenges, being part of a team taking responsibility for all aspects of product development.

You will have a deep understanding of all stages of digital development, an understanding of the part each developer plays and how it contributes to the end product. You will thrive on new challenges and will not be intimidated by something unfamiliar. You will be passionate about your work and gaining genuine enjoyment from seeing projects through, from start to finish. You will bring to and develop within the role solid professionally grounded ideas for the onward development of our products and services across architectural, process and end user experience areas.

Essential Skills

An experienced professional who is comfortable working on the backend as much as the front-end of 3DEO product offerings
4+ years development experience, at least 2 of these as a senior developer or team lead
Experience designing and using REST APIs
A good understanding of designing UX and usable front ends.
Team leadership
Modern development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
Demonstrable ability and enthusiasm to learn new technologies

AWS Cloud technologies including multi-tenanted systems
RDS (specifically Postgres)

Javascript, CSS & HTML
Experience designing modern front-end UX/UIs
Experience of modern frameworks, such as React

Desirable Skills

Docker / Containers
Cross platform / mobile development
Test driven development

About 3DEO

3DEO was formed in 2015 to bring to new commercial markets the innovative use and exploitation of a full range of Earth Observation (EO) data sources, including satellite and aerial imagery and related data streams, LiDAR, sensors of many types, CCTV, mobile technologies etc.


3DEO Ltd has now established a solid and impressive customer base within the UK and Ireland ports and harbours industry, delivering hydrographic survey data visualisation and exploratory tooling, and dynamic digital twin mapping of all aspects of port and commercial estate operations, including live data streams. Key customers have recently signed multi-year extensions to their contracts with 3DEO, demonstrating their value in the products and services we are delivering, and continue to deliver.


In addition to port and commercial estate operations, 3DEO have applied their innovative approach to a range of big data projects including for the UK Space Agency Space, Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), and the European Space Agency (ESA).

We are a small but very dynamic team based in the North East and Belfast. Supportive and friendly, we pride ourselves in nurturing talent, while investing both time and effort in creating the environment and space for our colleagues to grow and achieve, both personally and for the business.

Innovation and Key Features

The 3DEO platform is fully sensor agnostic - we work with and combine the most appropriate data and information sources for any given use case – and delivers multi-tiered, multi-layered data visualisations combining a wide range of geospatial data, including satellite imagery, ground sensors, LiDAR, CCTV. Key features include:


  • Diverse EO and sensor data, and geospatial data layers combined for insight

  • Data geolocated in context - business, strategic, operational, analytical

  • Time and / or event driven rules to trigger alerts to key users

  • User selectable map layers - satellite, road, scientific, custom

  • Time series analysis of data layers with visual change identification

  • Real-time data stream changes instantly reflected on maps and visual indicators

  • API connectivity to external systems and live data

  • Cloud based processing and deployment – secure, scalable, cost effective

  • Web delivered

  • Designed for and focused on end users with minimal training required

3DEO on Mobile


The core design and development focus of the 3DEO platform, and key to our innovative approach has been to deliver earth observation and related data of many types and flavours to the widest possible community of users without the need for in depth understanding of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) or in-depth training in the complex GIS tools currently available. The next evolutionary step is the deployment of the powerful platform onto mobile devices, such as tablets, to empower end users wherever they might be located or working. This is even more essential now in a changing post Covid-19 business environment.  The planned mobile development will be designed and configured to include the use of 5G technologies and frameworks.

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