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Our Team

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew MacPherson

Andy has over 35 years’ experience in engineering, education, project management and business development. He is a pioneer in innovative 3D technologies, VR and serious games. Andy has delivered projects for multiple diverse clients in the US, Europe and UK including education, academia, health, security and banking.

Chief Technology Officer, Richard Dalzell

Richard has 25 years’ experience in embedded technologies and user level applications. He has extensive knowledge of high performance clustered distributed systems, data storage, data comms, cyber security and big data applications.

Chief of Staff, Neville Rudd

Neville has 30 years’ technical delivery experience in multiple sectors, including working with commercial clients such as PWC, IBM, AT&T, Euro Tunnel, EU Customs, Sea France, and Argos. He also participated in the military and security based projects with UK MOD DIS (ISR/ISTAR), NATO ACT, DSTL, MWG, Team Carney.

Chief Operating Officer, Sean Murphy

Sean has over 30 years experience in Engineering and Operations management. He has held key management positions internationally in Large OEMs and Startup enterprises, working in both software and hardware.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Colin Borland

Colin heads up our sales and marketing activities, working with customers, partners and internal teams to ensure that we continue to offer the best solutions to our customers’ needs. Colin has worked in sales for over 18 years and has extensive experience in both Europe and North America.